All About Your Baby’s Tooth Development

Baby teeth are probably the cutest thing anyone has ever seen. We all love it when the baby is able to smile and peaking out comes a little white baby tooth. These little baby teeth form around 6 weeks after the baby is conceived, and by the time your baby is actually born it already starts to develop it’s primary teeth that appear after the baby teeth come out.


When should we expect to see a little baby tooth?

Well… It all depends on the child on this one. Usually the first tooth will appear around the age of 6 months - 10 months. Yet sometimes some baby’s are already born with a little tooth that they normally loose early after birth.

When your baby starts to teeth, parents believe that the baby will be in pain or discomfort which is not always true. Some babies react differently and show not change or discomfort. While others may experience some discomfort here and there.

What can parents do?

-During teething periods the gums of your baby can be red and a little swollen, this is totally normal

-Teething rings can be very helpful especially in the hotter seasons (put the ring in the fridge to cool)

-Some doctors prescribe ibuprofen for the pain. Make sure to only give the recommended prescribed amount from your doctor.

*Teething necklaces are very dangerous and can be an extreme choking hazard      for babies, we do NOT recommend to purchase them*


Additional info

At times something called a teething blister can occur. These blisters usually go away by themselves after the teeth come out. Make sure not to cut the blister this will only cause an infection. They go away by themselves. Yet, if your baby’s blister is still not gone after 3 or 4 weeks then call your pediatrician or doctor for help.