Are Food Allergies and Eczema Different?

Eczema appears to be red, scaly patches that affect different parts of the baby’s body. It can be caused due to various reasons, but mostly it is connected to food allergies. In this blog you will get to know that both Food Allergies and Eczema are interconnected. They have a very casual connection as Eczema leads to the development of Food allergies and vice versa.

So to answer Are Food Allergies and Eczema any different? I would say they are two different thing caused by the effect of one another. Eczema is generally triggered or worsened by food allergies of eggs, milk, wheat, soy, peanuts or vice versa eczema will trigger food allergies.

It is all based down to the strength of the baby’s immune system. The immune system of the baby might cause the baby’s skin barrier to weaken and cause potential damage through the environment that will cause eczema. For the mothers who are still dependent on breast feed for such sensitive kids should switch to organic baby formula to complete the requirement of nutrition in the baby’s body.

The food protein from the environment penetrates the thin walls of weak skin to cause potential rash and inflammation of eczema. Further the baby is having a weak immune system and due to ingestion of complex proteins the baby might develop Eczema. The environment contact that leads to eczema will make it difficult for the baby to take in complex proteins and digest them. As a reason some new food allergies might prevail and make the existing one worse.

The mothers who are worried of their inhibiting both of these gradually, as you know the baby is strong or weak; we have a perfect solution for you. The breast milk is important to save the baby from potential risks of allergies and the like, but, if the baby has to develop a strong immune system which is the case here, you will have to follow a set path.

First of all start to supplement the baby with formula feed along with the breast milk. When the baby has transitioned and adapted to the organic formula take care of each sign that suggests the baby will need a change of formula. Rather than making the baby sick you can try on the formulas and find the perfect one for the baby. Hipp Sensitive Organic formula can help the babies with extreme effects of the environment.