Considering Holle Organic Baby Semolina Porridge

Why should you consider Holle Organic Semolina Porridge for your baby? The purity of the biodynamic farms and the urge to obtain organic and a fully fledged food for the baby is the second reason. The Holle organic baby cereal is having all the important minerals and vitamins needed for the baby to grow appropriately.

It is suitable for the babies from 6 months onwards. The preparations are done just like all the other porridges can be made. 

The baby cereal can hence be prepared with milk, infant baby formula, breast milk, water and fruit puree. The water porridge will keep out the excessive milk from the baby as weaning is done with the formula milk. But in case you miss onto the milk for the day it can be prepared with milk to keep the baby filled for long. The fruit puree cereal will make a healthy and ideal breakfast for the baby.

Features of your Organic Semolina Porridge are:

  • Holle organic baby porridges are now CO2 neutral.
  • Free from cow milk protein. Lactose free
  • No added sugar or salt.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Contains gluten.
  • Holistic quality
  • Easy to prepare
  • NO GMOs
  • Sustainably produced

Ingredients of your Organic Semolina Porridge are:

Whole grain wheat flour*, thiamin

*From biodynamic agriculture

Contains gluten

Storage and Usage Instructions:

Make a fresh batch each time you have to feed the baby with its organic baby cereal. Each cereal box can make about 10 feeds for the baby therefore it is recommended that once the cereal box is opened it should be stored in a tight dry and shady place and container to save it from heat and moisture that allows the cereal nutrients to activate. The exposure might drain the formula so we need to store the formula properly.

Do not serve the leftover cereal the next time and do not heat it in the microwave due to the same reasons you don’t heat the milk formula in the microwave. When preparing as a dairy-free snack, Holle recommends increasing the fat content of their semolina porridge by adding 1 Tsp of edible oil. When using cow’s milk as a mixing ingredient, the company recommends adding 2 Tbsp of vitamin C rich fruit juice to help in iron absorption.

Serve your baby with utmost care, use the formula within 3-4 weeks of opening.


*contains naturally occurring sugars

**A pack yields approximately 10 servings of half milk-porridge, according to recipe