Constipation? How it is Caused and How it Can be Cured?

While constipation rarely occurs in babies that are breastfed, it does occur to bottle fed babies more often. Constipation also affects young children and even adults. This happens for multiple reasons:

Certain Formula:

A change in milk formula can often be the case, for example when switching to “follow on” formula, cows milk or an AR formula. Another cause for constipation can be that the baby is not getting enough liquid, meaning this can either be water or milk. Also, make sure you are familiar with the ingredients used in your baby’s formula. A bad quality formula can be the cause of many health problems in the future.

Make sure you are following the right powder and water measurements recommended on the brochure included in every order. Constipation can be caused by using too little water and too much formula, therefore following the guidelines is crucial.


When a baby is constipated, the poo is usually hard and causes pain when trying to poop which usually results in the baby crying and being fussy. In older children some symptoms can be that they reject going to the toilet when they have to poop because of the pain. Children often cross their legs or start running around.


Overtime, constipation can cause many health problems for example; Soiling. Soiling is when poop leaks into the pants uncontrollably. This can be extremely uncomfortable for the child and cause the child to be embarrassed when going to the bathroom somewhere other than home.

What formulas to consider for prevention:

Formulas that include LCP’s as well as pre and pro-biotics have been shown to be very effective and help babies have a smoother bowel movement. Formula such as HiPP, Holle and Lebenswert are filled with ingredients that support a healthy gut. Not only do they have supporting gut health properties, they also have the best possible ingredients for the overall development of your infant.


What can you do?


  • DO NOT give your infant or young child medicine unless prescribed by a doctor! 


  • Giving your child a soft stomach massage going clockwise may help reduce some pain


  • A warm bath can help relax the muscles and allow some movement


  • If constipation does not seem to go away, Please see a doctor or pediatrician