Continuing on breastfeeding longer than 1 year:

If you are experiencing no problems with breastfeeding and would like to continue to go over a year let alone 2 or more, then there are a few things to remember…

If you have been breastfeeding for the past 6 months, then it is time to introduce baby food. It is also recommended to start with pureed potatoes (few spoons) and slowly work your way up to a higher amount such as 200g and more varieties of vegetables should be introduced each week.

At first, combining both breastfeeding and baby food can be a challenge in trying to find out where and when your baby is not hungry anymore. During this time it is important to try different combinations of food to known that maybe you need to give the baby food first before you feed with breast milk. With time you will know what your baby desires and eventually you will be a pro at it.

Eventually, at about 9 months your child should be very satisfied after the baby food, so that you may only have one or two breast feedings left for that day. Although through this your milk development lessens more and more due to you decreasing your breast feedings. Now that your baby is eating solid food and breast milk is only give every once in awhile, the breast processes this information as “no more milk needed”.

For mothers that want to continue to breastfeed and give solid food as well, here are a few tips that can help you with maintaining milk:

  • Breastfeed your child before you give any baby food, if your baby is still hungry after breastfeeding then you can turn to baby food.
  • The older your child gets, the more it will want and have a greater interest in solid food.
  • Do not rush with introducing baby food to your baby. If your baby is not eating baby food then it is not ready to make the switch yet.
  • It is recommended to make or eat food similar to your baby’s food, or eat at the same time. This allows the child to get a feeling of it’s mother eating the same thing and feeling included.