Does Colic Make Baby Hungry for the Natural Formula Feed?

Colic no doubt brings diverse psychological changes in the baby. This may lead to extreme physical habits in the baby that is difficult to deal with in the first year of the baby’s life. The baby might get hungry, the baby might puke, the baby might pass a lot of gas (that is good by the way) and the baby may even repel the feeds completely.

There are different reasons for why the baby will react that way. But first of all what is the reason of the baby being colicky? It is the rule of three that helps us identify that our baby is colic. Otherwise the baby might just be seeking comfort in your arms. But after we have discovered our baby is colicky a lot of things come with it.

The baby gets gassy because of the air he/she is in taking while crying. The baby might already be facing the problem from the feed you are feeding him/her and hence repel the food. The baby will get dehydrated because of drying air in his/her mouth due to crying. Make sure that we just wet the face and not hydrate it in excessive amount that could be another reason for it to repel the food.

Besides all this the baby might be hungry for various reasons:

  • The baby tends to use a lot of energy while crying for hours in a row and might get hungry after the energy shed.
  • The baby might be crying because it is hungry. At times when the baby breaks between the feed we as parents do not take the sign of it is not finished as yet and rather give them an incomplete feed.
  • The baby when in an attempt of releasing gas during colic get excessively worked out by moving its body, due to which the food is digested and hence the baby might feel weary and hungry and continue to cry.
  • The end of discomfort is the most visible sign that the baby will now get hungry for the organic baby formula.

Therefore colic will make the baby hungry and the reasons of colic when tend to dissolve can make the baby hungry for its natural food.