Holle Baby Cereal - Corn with Tapioca

Holle Organic Corn and Tapioca Porridge is a starch rich eternity when you open the box of this baby cereal. Outside the box it is the most eligible feed for your baby. Tasty, minimized time on making it, easy to handle once stored in dry cold containers. It is processed gently never with the use of a harsh refinement process. Thus, it is one thing that, all the cereals use warmth and moisture to activate the locked goodness in the cereal. Till then the grains are allowed to remain intact, and all the valuable nutrients are preserved.

You don’t need to worry there is nothing extra stuffed in the ingredient list just some things that you understand. The Holles manufacturing standards are strict and its integrity intact. Holle Organic Corn with Tapioca baby cereal contains only four simple organic ingredients: corn, vitamin B1, tapioca, and whole grain rice. Prepare quickly with formula, milk or water just like all the other cereals.

Features of Holle Organic Corn and Tapioca Porridge

  • Fiber packed corn
  • Magnesium rich whole grain rice
  • Tapioca for energy
  • Vitamin B1 for digestive system support
  • Suitable from 4 months on
  • NO added sugar
  • NO added salt
  • NO synthetic flavors, colors or preservatives
  • Dairy free

Ingredients of Holle Organic Corn and Tapioca Porridge

74% corn**, 17% whole grain rice**, 9% tapioca*, vitamin B1

*Organically produced

**From biodynamic agriculture


You can serve Holle Organic Corn with Tapioca Porridge to your little one in the morning, noon or night as part of a balanced weaning diet plan. Prepare a fresh batch of porridge each time and don’t save leftovers for any further feedings. Do not heat the baby cereal in the microwave. Cereal should be used within 3 -4 weeks of opening the box of this amazing baby food.

Follow the right preparation instructions to ensure your baby’s nutritional needs are met approprately. Do not use or replace your little ones bottle of milk feedings with the baby cereal. Holle also recommends beginning your baby’s weaning routine with single grain porridge, such as rice or millet, before introducing mixed grain baby cereal.