How Did I Feel the Need to Change the Stage of my Baby’s feed?

Well when the little one was born the first decision we had to take was about the choice of the perfectly suited and absolutely safe organic formula that will help our baby to grow. We got around the Hipp organic formulas, the idea of it all coming from their farming lands really fantasized us. The milk formulas by Holle and Lebenswert products were absolutely reliable. A little bit of dig in into the ingredients assured us the right feeding pathway for our kid.

Well it being the operated delivery I have missed on to the first some minutes of my baby in this world. But after that I was able to provide her my own feed as when she came to me, she was my hungry little adorable. Later on when I had the chance to pull her out of the ‘My Feed’ habit I used the Holle’s Pre Stage Formula till her attaining the age of 6 months; and this time on I was really excited, for one the time passed too quickly with my ever happy baby and for two she had grown a little bit on her fingers, toes and height.

All she was going to get now on was a variety of taste that will make her stronger. I was going to change the formula soon because she had grown strong. So I changed onto the Stage 1 formula and soon realized it wasn’t really satisfactory for her, in about 10 months of her age I switched to Stage 2 Formula. It was for my relatively hungry baby and fast growing girl. The add-on was she had this peanut allergy and during the time of her extra mashed feeds I had to avoid it. But gradually with stage 2 formula she had an eliminated risk of allergies and was good to eat anything aside formulas.

My girl didn’t really put me off by giving me a hard time in her growing years still in her year 1.5 on I put her on-to Stage 3 Formula. She was gradually growing and so I had to change the formula gradually. I did start giving her the extra meal to change her taste. This also helped to give some extra nutrients and grow her strong and healthy by the time she was 1.5 years of age. On her first birthday she ate a large part of the cream on her train cake. She got sick, moving back to her stage 1 sensitive formulas for 2 weeks really helped balance her.

By the time she attained the age of 2 she started eating and playing normal, needed all her essential nutrients to suffice her super active spree. I moved on to Hipp Kindermilch with her organic formula. The toddler enjoys her evening and morning milk with Kindermilch very much.

Here’s all you need to know about HiPP Holle and Lebenswert Organic Formulas in order to get your baby to have the right thing at the right time!