How to determine which infant formula is best for your baby

All parents want their newborns to have the best possible nutrition and care in order to grow strong and healthy. While breastfeeding is the best and quickest way to get nutrients from mother to baby, many mother's simply can't breastfeed for various reasons. Now the only other option is to bottle feed your infant with formula...but which formula is best? which formula has the healthiest ingredients and less of the unnecessary sugars and nonsense that harm your baby? 

3 simple words to answer your question:

          HiPP                             Holle                    Lebenswert 



1) HIPP HA COMBIOTIK 1 is a hypoallergenic infant baby formula that can be used from birth on. HIPP HA combiotik has a much lower risk of allergies and contains prebiotic fiber to supply the body with important probiotics that grow healthy bacteria to keep your infants tummy comfortable after feedings. 

2) HOLLE STAGE PRE is a starting milk that can either be used from birth or in addition to breastfeeding for babies up to 6 months old. This Formula is made with premium quality Demeter milk fat instead of a conventional fat source, which makes Holle stage pre one of the best choices for a healthy nutrition. When choosing Holle you can also choose either cow or goat milk if your baby is allergic or has problems digesting cow milk. HOLLE STAGE 1 milk is another great example of an amazing formula that will provide your infant with all the nutrients it needs to grow. 

3) LEBENSWERT STAGE 1 is an organic skimmed milk formula, and can be given to infants from birth onwards up to six months. Lebenswert stage 1 contains multiple Vitamins such as vitamin E which is extremely crucial to protect cells from being damaged by free radicals. This vitamin contributes to the repairing of damaged skin as well as regulating and balancing the nervous system.

In the end, it is really up to you to choose the formula that best suits your baby. Here at we make it our number one priority to explain the ingredients of our products in detail to our customers to ensure that mother's and parents know exactly what is within their baby's formula, and what is needed for their baby's well being.