How to transition the baby from formula feed to cow’s milk?

The baby needs a transition to the cow‘s milk one day the formula cannot go on forever, but the toddler milk flavors can be your baby’s partner. Hipp Stage 4 can be the lingering on transition if the baby cannot handle cow milk. Till then I will tell you how to smoothly transition your baby from formula feed to cow’s milk?

The baby should not be fed cow’s milk before the age of 12 months and just like the baby transitioned smoothly from breast milk to formula feed; the baby should be smoothly transitioned to the cow’s milk too.

There are some features of the cow milk that tells us to be cautious in the first place:

  • The baby is unable to digest the cow’s milk.
  • There is a high level of proteins and minerals in the cow milk.
  • The cow milk has insufficient Iron or Vitamin C or other necessary nutrients needed for the baby; this might make the baby anemic until the baby has all the essential nutrients appropriately in its body.
  • It has the potential to spurt out allergies in a sensitive baby.

So how to start transitioning the baby to regular milk and replace the Organic baby formula?

Start with the whole milk as it has high fat content and at the age of 1 that is just what the baby needs to make it easy to absorb Vitamin A and Vitamin D. Skim milk can be used after the age of 2 as they have high minerals and protein concentration. The sensitivity and the developing system will take time to adjust to any new thing and one day he/she can be eating normally like us. Just some caution is needed at each transition.

Take it slow replace one bottle at a time. In a whole day first take one bottle down with cow milk and after a while you can use it with the morning or evening Hipp Cereal and then go ahead and eliminate the formula in your 1 year kid’s life.

But if the baby has reactions to the exposure or is previously sensitive make sure to continue with Hypoallergenic Formula or the Soy Formula a little longer. You can sneak in the regular milk one in a while to see the effect of the same. The baby is likely to adjust with cow milk with time. It is likely to develop its sensitive body fully by then.