Infant Formula and the Toddler Formula

For the mothers who wish and will to keep feeding the baby with the formula due to some reasons need to know all about the Infant Formula and the Toddler Formula. There can be a reason of either keeping baby healthy or due to its medical condition. The baby might not be gaining weight properly or the nutrition requirement in the body is not complete.

There is still a question as to the transition to the normal milk. We generally transition the baby to Whole milk at the age of 1. But there is a significant difference between what both contain and still Toddler Formula is better for the baby. The toddler milk and the whole milk both contain calcium and phosphorus and enough fats for the baby to vitamins. The toddler milk contains DHA and iron that will help the baby grow significantly after year one of its life.

The infant formula and the toddler formula though are two different nutrition requirements for the baby and are to be given at the right time to the baby. It is a big baby small baby kind of thing between the two. The nutritional needs that are to be completed with the Infant Formula are for the babies of ages 1-12 months. Whereas the toddler formula has the addition of nutritional needs for babies of ages 9-24 months.

The extra needs can tend to the malnourishment or the slow growth of the baby that can be completed with the toddler milk. Happy baby feeding this summer!