Know your HIPP Bio Organic Stage 1

All turning to Hipp’s organic formulas have only one thing to say “It’s Great!” So be it a mom who tried the world’s formulas and switched to Hipp or the mom who first time only got hands on the Hipp organic formula, does not want to turn to another formula. Some says they do not have any tummy troubles anymore, some say they do not have to face spit-outs anymore; all in all it turns out to be a great change for the mommies and their kids.

Some dad’s think that their kid got the motherly care through the formula and they are tension free about giving their kids various nutrients to grow healthy and strong.

HIPP Bio Organic Stage 1 is for children from birth up to six months. This formula contains Vitamins A, C and D to provide a healthy immune system and healthy organs, as well as protection of various diseases through the intake of Vitamin C. Vitamin D contributes to healthy bone growth in the child’s body. Over the early stages of its life it is extremely important to have a well balanced diet for your child. Right dads! Babies grow everyday and therefore nutrients that are included in this baby formula are essential to provide your child with the best possible nutrition.


Skim milk * , whey powder * ( demineralised ) , vegetable oils , corn starch * , skimmed milk powder * , LCP - oil mixture ( long-chain , polyunsaturated fatty acids ) ( egg , vegetable oil , fish oil ) , calcium , vitamin A, vitamin C , vitamin B1, vitamin B6 , vitamin B2 , pantothenic acid , Vitamin D , Vitamin e, folic acid, vitamin K , niacin, potassium iodate , Calcium chloride , ferrous lactate , copper sulfate , manganese sulfate, sodium selenite. Zinc sulfate

* from organic production          

The following chart is a general recommendation of how much to feed your baby:

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