Know Your Hipp Bio Organic Stage 2 Baby Formula

Parents want to review Hipp in general as the soluble formula. It does not clog the nipples of the bottle. That also keeps your baby from gasping air unnecessarily and getting all gassy. As on Hipp Bio Organic Stage 2 is a 5 star reviewed product.

People say it’s a good thing they happened to stumble upon the Hipp organic formula. The babies who were on a gradual change of formula all have stopped onto this one. The babies are not constipating anymore and this formula is there comfort feed. People believe that there kid is getting quality nutrients and a reliable feed that they believe is close to the breastfeed.

It is suitable from six months on for your kid. HIPP Bio Organic Stage 2 suffices particular nutritional requirements of infants at risk of allergies. The mechanism of formation plays a decisive role with an allergy to cow milk proteins. To reduce the allergenic properties of the protein, it is divided into small fragments (hydrolysed) so that the infant can tolerate them. It is an ideal agent to the weaning diet after the 6th month when moving from breast or infant milk feeding. Hipp supplies your baby with everything it needs to grow healthy.


MILK * , vegetable oils * ( palm oil * , rapeseed oil * , sunflower oil * ) , whey powder * partly demineralised , lactose * , starch *, emulsifier soya lecithin, calcium , vitamin C , potassium chloride , L - tryptophan , calcium chloride , ferrous sulfate , vitamin E, vitamin A , niacin , zinc , pantothenic acid , copper sulfate , vitamin K , zinc sulphate , vitamin B1, vitamin B6 , potassium iodate , manganese sulphate , folic acid, vitamin B2 , sodium selenate , vitamin D , biotin , vitamin B12 .

*organically produced organic palm oil from sustainable cultivation, certified by independent inspection bodies

Final Amount
5.7 oz.
5 oz.
5 spoons
6.7 oz.
6 oz.
6 spoons
7 oz.
7 oz.
7 spoons


The following chart is a general recommendation of how much to feed your baby: