Preventing Baby Sunburns with Weleda Products

If you have decided to head out in the sun with the baby this summer take care of not only travelling with the little baby’s hunger but its skin care too. The baby is sensitive and now it feels I have told you that a thousand times but it’s the truth parents he/she is sensitive. Here is the check list for the coming summer season:

  • Floppy hats
  • Shades, do they like to wear your oversized ones well bring them their own.
  • Light colored clothes and even let them be light cotton ones.
  • Baby’s formula packages
  • And baby’s security guard, that would be baby products.

The harsh sun can really play out with the sensitivities of the little one. But with the Weleda creams you can save the baby from the harsh.

What to do when the baby gets actual sunburn?

  • When your baby does get sunburn take it away from the sun rays and when it is finally out of it, it can actually start to heal.
  • Damp the towel or a snap a quick t-shirt to damp it and cool large places of the sunburn mark.
  • The baby needs some fluids the fennel tea and water will be just fine.
  • You can apply a yogurt compress on the baby’s skin.

But keep in mind that you are not applying any direct yogurt on the baby’s skin as it might stick and get warm instantly. Whereas a compressor of yogurt can help the baby stay cool till 4 hours.

Place a clean cloth and spread some yogurt on it and then another layer of cloth and now put it on your baby’s skin.

  • If you see open wounds or severe damage to the baby’s skin, seek proper medical treatment for the same.

Take care of your baby this summer!