Reasons Why Hipp, Holle and Lebenswert does not sell at Walmart?

The authenticity of our baby’s food and making sure the product is still that chemical free as we read about it online; is the No. 1 priority, Right mothers?

Choosing the best organic baby formula for your child is definitely an important decision. But when you get the best option then choosing where to buy it from is also a very important decision. Being a mommy a safe and secure channel of purchase is all we‘d want, a trustworthy supplier and a reassuring call will make all the nerves calm down all at once.

Mommy’s considerations:

  • Reliable source: the first and the foremost assurance we can get about buying our baby the best formula for its growth years is a reliable supplier source. We’d want to know if it’s freshly delivered or in store for long. We will also want to know the route its coming from and how harsh calamities, surfaces and machines it is facing on the way.

  • Pricing: to get the right thing at the right price is a customer’s right and so is the right to information. This is the reason when we are doing a good research on what’s best for our baby we get to know the price and so is the reason we want to also cut all other supply chain costs and get the products at the valid pricing.

  • Assurance: well when we have found a reliable source and got the right price we think of getting a better control at the situation by contacting the person in charge and get assured about the supply for our little one. That one personal reassurance call can do wonders and make us be more at ease and feel safer.

We would never like to get our product off an unverified website or a commercial store that will keep the product in store for so long.

So why Hipp, Holle and Lebenswert Organic Baby Formulas not sold at Walmart or a commercial store?

  • Extra costs: the supply chain costs thus added on the product makes it very difficult for the customer to bear the cost of the best Hipp and Holle organic formula to buy for their babies. The pricy picture may move you to a less good option which none wants. So get the right price and easy delivery at your doorstep of the best baby product you choose for your kid.

  • Storage: God knows for how long the product is in store at a local store! Not that it’s safety hampers for they have BPA Free cans, but long storage  or pantry holders situation is also going to happen in our house when we store the product so why avail the already stored product.

  • Exposure: before we move on to all other ill effect of buying from a commercial store we are going to look at the most important factor that is the product passing through UV rays or the formula being irradiated. Passing through UV rays is not that harmful but when the product is passed through stronger rays in order to kill the germs the formula might irradiate; just like when we intake water we can wholly kill the minerals present inside the water by boiling it or running through purifiers. Then comes the

  • Authenticity: not only do we want our product to be completely safe but also come from a reliable source so as to ensure its authenticity. The assurance and the information about the supply channel can make the product reliable enough to consume for our baby.

  • Ease: doorstep delivery of the organic food for your baby is going to give you all the mushy time with your kid, because while you happily play with your Happy Kid the best you chose is arriving.

So all set to pin in your kids’ daily routine with health of the Hipp, Holle and Lebenswert organic  formula, the essential formula’s that are best for your baby.