Why should you choose organic formula for your baby?

After six months of breastfeeding or from the birth of the little one when you have to choose its feed, it is normal for you to find yourself in the no-man’s land for a while but only offline because offline we have forums and the like to help yo through. But I will guide you just the right way.

So there are two types of formulas commercial and organic baby formula. Yes mommies you should go with the organic baby formulas. As we know the difference between the conventional and organic farm products, the same applies here too. No doubt the cauliflower of the farm is not going in the baby formula but the difference between the two remains the same. Just as the soil needs not to be washed with chemicals so should not be done with the food of the farm animals needed for dairy products and the like.

The Organic formulas are:

  • GMO-free: The farms products that are needed to make the formula are not artificially touched or are Genetically Modified. The commercial formulas could be genetically modified that might have long-term effects on the baby’s health. There are no artificial ingredients in the organic baby formula.
  • Safe for babies: Just saying so is not enough the formula are made according to some set standards and approved appropriately for you to trust the Hipp organic baby formula. It has certified organic ingredients.
  • More nutrients: No doubt the breast milk is enough nutritional for the baby, but the organic baby formula is carefully formulated with the perfect amount of nutrients to cater the development of your little one. All the additional nutrients that will be needed by the baby at particular stage of the formula.

For example: There is starch content in  the formula to make the baby fuller for longer, there is a well formulated Vitamin E presence in the formula that is important for the baby.

If the mother is not taking the required nutrients or the complete nutrients the baby might get anemic because of the absence of some nutrients.

  • Environment friendly: with the use of biodynamic farms and Demeter certification the organic formula company is definitely standing on strict standards and making the world a better place with all the care of the animals and not disturbing the balance of the environment.

Choose the best for the new one in your family to give it the best it deserves and should have to be healthy and strong.