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After reading about HiPP products and ingredients we finally felt as if there was hope again. Our two baby's went from being fussy and never sleeping through nights, to happy, giggling little munchkin's. My husband and I were finally able to catch up on sleep and couldn't have been more happy to have two healthy smiling baby's. And It didn't stop there. While HiPP, Holle and Lebenswert primary focus is on the formula, they also offer a wide variety of skin care such as delicate shampoo, body lotions and creams as well as diapering and wipes. Our two little ones inspired us to create a community of parents that are aware of the ingredients in their baby's formula and overall health of the infants early life. Our company strives to educate and provide only the best possible products to your baby to ensure a healthy life from early on.

We started our business HippHolle after our 2 adorable babies were born! Like many parents, my husband and I experienced many problems with US formula and couldn't find why our babies were having trouble digesting and were constantly crying and not sleeping through the night. For month's my husband and I tried looking for answers, searching the whole internet and getting familiar with what is really inside of baby formula. We were absolutely shocked to find the amounts of sugar and other harmful ingredients that were inside these formulas and decided to put an end to them right away. From our research we found that Europe has very strict regulations as to what goes in baby formula specifically. Luckily, my husband who is originally from Frankfurt, Germany was able to negotiate to buy directly from the most popular and best quality baby formulas in Europe called HiPP, Holle and Lebenswert.


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